Supplier By State/Country Contact/Website Phone
GCO Supply Co Alabama   251-633-4999
Western Hydro California 800-972-5945
Western Hydro Colorado 510-783-9166
Atlantic Drilling Supply Florida 800-752-9416
Southern Drilling Supply, Inc. Georgia 478-552-6408
The Rig Doctors Indiana Joan and Fred McAninch 317-839-7534
Western Bit & Reamer Kansas Jerry or Ruthie 620-275-9498
Western Hydro Kansas 800-852-5281
Givens International Drilling Supply Kentucky 800-645-2219
Wholesale Pump & Supply Inc. Louisiana 800-444-7096
Ground Water Supply Massachusetts 978-422-3209
Western Hydro Mexico 011528000284185
Milan Supply Co. Michigan 989-773-5933
NDS Drilling Supply, Inc. Minnesota 952-461-3400
Techline Missouri 406-782-9604
America West Drilling Supply Nevada 800-800-8444
JenTech Drilling Supply Nevada 775-424-3045
Western Hydro Nevada 800-972-5945
Craig Test Boring New Jersey 800-258-3787
Western Hydro New Mexico 800-874-0662
Enid Drill Systems, Inc. Oklahoma 580-234-5971
GEFCO Oklahoma 580-234-4141
Western Hydro Oregon 800-334-4927
N & N Drilling Supply Pennsylvania 866-723-5021
Star Iron Works, Inc. Pennsylvania 800-972-0560
Matrix Drilling Products Co. Tennessee 913-359-6564
Centerline Manufacturing Texas 903-725-6978
Diversified Equipment Texas Cheryl 281-364-9109
Drilling Supply and Mfg. Texas 512-243-1986
MT-Geo Tech Texas [email protected] 713-680-9207
Keys Bit Service Texas   940-663-5747
MMR Enterprises, Inc of Texas Texas   972-557-2674
North Houston Machine Texas 800-364-6973
Quality Parts Texas Curtis 936-646-3862
Ray Tex Equipment Co., Inc. Texas 800-729-8419
Rex McFadden Co, Inc. Texas 806-791-3731
Ricky Bonds Aerobic Management Texas Ricky, Becky 936-931-5214
WichTex Machinery Co., Inc. Texas 325-653-3433
Western Hydro Utah 801-972-6430
Moab Bit & Tool Utah 800-453-1052
Drillers Consultants International  Virginia Porky 757-418-2036
Epiroc Virginia 800-462-9340
Western Hydro Washington 877-456-0544
PQ Products Washington 509-624-6820
Driller's Service and Supply, Inc. Wisconsin   920-596-2552
Hole Products Wisconsin 715-203-0841
Anderson Seismograph Bit Service Wyoming Jim Anderson 800-894-2809
Green Bit and Tool Wyoming 307-266-2038